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I have written a book for beginners (and it's even good for those who are intermediate or advanced!) called The Hows and Whys of the Year Supply.

Price: $10.95 with free shipping

(If you would like to purchase more than one copy, or you do not have a PayPal account, please email me at macoombs5@comporium.net and I can help you.)

This book has:
  • 97 pages of delicious, easy to make recipes that teach you how to incorporate food storage items into your everyday cooking. These are tried and true recipes from me, friends, and family who have had a lot of experience cooking with food storage items!
  • shelf life information 
  • charts for reconstituting and using freeze dried and dehydrated products
  • information on water storage
  • lists of what is recommended to store for a year supply
  • information on sprouting
  • recipes for breads, breakfasts, quick mixes, homemade basics, salads, soups and stews, bean dishes, rice dishes, potato dishes, pasta dishes, meals with meat and fish, and wheat and other whole grains. And of course, we have to have desserts! Puddings, cookies, brownies and bars, pies, cobblers and cakes!

"Melissa, I love the recipes in your book! They are practical and easy to make, and they are delicious! I just made the homemade granola bars (Chat and Chew Bars) and my kids and husband loved them!"  - Tammy B.

"I have read several food storage cookbooks lately, and they all seemed a bit overwhelming and difficult, and it made me not even want to try. Then I read your book and really appreciated the simplicity of the recipes and concepts, and I felt like I could actually be successful at trying your recipes and understanding the basics of using food storage items. Thank you! I'm excited to try!" - Rebecca W.

"I really enjoyed reading your story of how you got started with food storage. There's nothing like a traumatic experience with a baby to get you motivated! Thanks for teaching us how to store and use our food! You have really motivated me and my husband to get our young family prepared!" -Jennifer H.

"My husband lost his job 3 months ago, and I have been using your book to learn how to cook with the food storage we have. It has been such a blessing to learn how to cook basic foods from scratch, and it's healthier for us, not to mention cheaper! I never thought we would like anything made with whole wheat, but your 30 Minute Rolls and Whole Wheat Pancakes have become staples for us! They are truly delicious, and I am thankful to have the knowledge you have shared in your book!" - Alicia C.

Price: $10.95 with free shipping  

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