Thursday, August 31, 2017

Simple Plate Explained

This is for all of those who need a written explanation of things. (I am one of you!)

What is Simple Plate?

Simple Plate Meals are the amazing new meal kits from Thrive Life. They are made mostly with freeze dried foods and are fabulous! (They also have pasta, rice, sauces, and things like balsamic glaze included.) They are fun to cook and most meals are done in less than 30 minutes! No chopping, peeling, slicing, dicing or handling raw meat. There is a nice selection to choose from right now, but they will be offering new meals on a regular basis. They do have vegetarian and gluten free options available. 

Here is what they currently have available:

What does a meal look like?
The meal comes in a box like this. 

I even love the cute sayings on the side of the box! 

You get a beautiful color recipe card with easy to follow instructions. And my favorite part is the food is packaged separately with a big number on each pouch that coordinates with the step on the recipe card. Brilliant! Even kids can easily make these meals! 

Here are some of the delicious completed meals!

What is the shelf life of these?
They put a "Best By" date on the box that is about 6 months from the date it was packaged. They will probably last much longer than that, but these meals are intended to be EATEN, not stored! How could you let these delicious meals sit on your shelf and not eat them? :)

How much do they cost?
These meals are ordered in groups of three, and you can choose whatever meals you would like. You also get to choose if you want a 2 person meal or a 4 person meal. The serving sizes are huge and from my experience they feed more than 2 or 4 people, even in my family of big eaters! I noticed that the serving sizes on the nutrition label say 3 servings and 6 servings (according to regulated serving sizes). When my daughter and I made the 2-person Tuscan Style Beef Pappardelle, we each ate a nice sized serving and went back for seconds, and still packed some up for her lunch the next day.

Three 2-person meals cost $49.98. Four 2-person meals cost $66.64, etc. (So it's $16.66 a meal, or $8.33 a serving)

Three 4-person meals cost $89.88. Four 4-person meals cost $119.84. (So it's $29.96 a meal, or $7.49 a serving)

Remember that if that 2-person meal actually feeds 3 people, then your cost per serving goes down! ($5.55 per serving, and even less on the 4-person meals if you make it serve 6) So it just depends on how you stretch the meal. I haven't yet, but I think I will usually serve these meals with a salad or some fruit, or maybe some garlic bread or rolls. I usually have other side dishes like that on my dinner table. If in Utah, don't forget the green jello salad! haha! (I have never served that and never will! Sorry!)

I went through the drive through yesterday for two people and spent $17.15! And we didn't order drinks! It was greasy, unhealthy and unsatisfying. I should have waited until I got home and eaten one of these yummy, much healthier meals. 

How much is shipping?
If you are a Preferred Customer (meaning you commit to order 3 shipments of any amount within 90 days), you will always get free shipping on any of their Preferred Items when your order is over $100. Preferred items are the Simple Plate Meals and any of their freeze dried products. (They offer a huge variety of freeze dried products in #10 cans and the smaller Pantry Cans, and some favorite freeze dried munchies in the Snackies pouch.)

If your order is under $100, shipping will be $8.00 on three 2-person meals and $10.00 on three 4-person meals. 

I'm a tight wad and don't want to pay shipping when I don't have to. So I suggest to just become a preferred customer and have your order over $100 (you can order three or more Simple Plate Meals and any of their freeze dried food in cans to make up the $100.) You get free shipping, and all of your money goes to buy food! There is no long term commitment...just order at least 3 shipments within 90 days, and then you can quit, postpone shipments, or order as often as you like. 

How does this compare to other meal kit companies? 
I have tried out FIVE of the other meal kit companies and I have A LOT to say about this, and will write a separate post later with tons of pictures about my experience. (I tried one company at a time, not all at once!) I DID like most of them for certain reasons, but there were many negatives. Many times my shipments would arrive with leaky hamburger blood or raw shrimp juice throughout the whole package, including all over my fresh vegetables! YUCK!

 And often my vegetables would arrive bruised and crushed, or they would go bad before I could cook the meal that week. It's hard to see in the pictures how exactly soft, mushy and rotten these veggies were.

And most meals took over an hour to make!! One time after a vacation week I forgot to manage my meal calendars online and ended up with 13 meals on my doorstep within a 2 day period! Yikes! The whole meal kit experience was honestly very fun (I love cooking and trying new meals), but so stressful too! I was relieved to quit my shipments from these companies. Just the huge amount of packaging alone was overwhelming (seriously millions of cold packs, styrofoam, insulated liners, boxes, and other packaging.) We were going to need our own area of the local landfill if we were going to keep ordering these! 

Now I have Simple Plate Meals, and the only real negative so far was that I only ordered three of them to start with and wanted more! It took UPS 5 days to get me more meals because I live 2200 miles away from the warehouse! But my lucky Utah friends can pick theirs up from the showroom or get 1 or 2 day UPS shipping! LUCKIES! These Simple Plate Meals are delicious and fun to cook, most are ready in less than 30 minutes (there's no chopping peeling, slicing, dicing or handling raw meat), these don't spoil on the shelf, and they are less expensive than all of the other meal companies (which are about $9 - $15 a serving.) 

How do I order them?
Well, if you don't love navigating websites, the easiest way to order is to contact me and I will get your order set up for you. I just need to know your contact info (name, phone, email address) and what meals you want, and if you want them to be 2-person or 4-person meals (you can mix and match). Then I can call you for your payment info.

If you want to set it up yourself, see the instructions below. 

I almost always offer a special promo! Please ask me what my current promotion is for becoming a Preferred Customer or Consultant!

Let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help you! You definitely want to try these meals because you are going to go crazy over them, and they are going to help you love dinner time again! 

Melissa : ) 
Thrive Life Independent Consultant
803-818-1569 (I answer texts quickly!)

To sign up for Simple Plate as a Preferred Customer:

2. Click OUR PLANS and then SIMPLE PLATE (or just click the Simple Plate Banner)

3. Choose SIMPLE PLATE PLUS because it gives you the option to order Simple Plate Meals plus any other products they offer in the Grocery Box. Of course you always have the option to skip Simple Plate or the Grocery Box and just choose one or the other.

4. Set up your customer account by entering your name and email, and choose a password. 

5. Now select whether you generally will want 2-person or 4-person meals, and how often you want them to arrive. This can be changed any time once your account is set up just by ordering what you want and setting the date of when you want that shipment to process.

6. Next choose your grocery box size. Any size is fine and you can order whatever amount you want each month or skip the grocery box any time. 

7. Then choose to be a Preferred Customer by clicking the little circle that says 3 Deliveries in 90 days. (If you decide to become a consultant at this point instead, just contact me and I will get you signed up.)

8. Finally, add in your shipping and payment information and click COMPLETE SET UP. Nothing will be charged yet. You still need to go in and choose your meals and any other food you might want, and then set your process date. There is a Tutorial on the top left of your Deliveries page if you need it. But to choose your meals, click Edit in the Simple Plate section and then choose the meals you want. Then click Edit on your Grocery box and add any other food you want. Or you can click SKIP on either section. Please call me, text or email if you have any questions! : )

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Introducing Simple Plate! Quicker, Easier, Healthier Meals!

Thrive Life: Simple Plate

Introducing Simple Plate! 

You are going to love these delicious prepped and portioned meals! Perfect for those nights when you need a quicker, healthier meal and don't want to resort to take out or fast food! 

The other night I made Tuscan Style Beef Pappardelle and had a yummy and healthy meal ready for my family in less than 20 minutes! The Tuscan Quinoa Bowl and Southwest Chicken Quinoa Bowl are FABULOUS, and so is the South Pacific Stir Fry with Pulled Pork! There's also Chicken Bolognese and Gnocchi, Garden Veggie Lasagna, and Chicken Farfalle Pasta Primavera that will make you soooo happy! And there's more meals to come!

You've got to try these!

There's no commitment and you can cancel at any time. 

Step 1: Open Your Box Step 2: Tear, Pour, No Prep Required! Step 3: Cook and Enjoy!

Can’t use your Simple Plate dinner right away? No worries! Simple Plate can be kept in your pantry until you’re ready, and the ingredients will stay fresh. That’s the beauty of freeze dried!

Prepped, portioned, and most meals ready in 30 minutes or less! 
Now that’s simple.

Get Simple Plate

Free Shipping Available!

Preferred Customers receive free shipping on all Preferred items purchased in the delivery service when your order is $100 or more. (Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii are 1/2 off shipping).

Please contact me if you want me to place your order! Or if you need help or have any questions! I am always happy to help!

Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant
803-818-1569 (text or call!)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Africa Trip Recap! And $100 of Free Food Promo!

  Cutest children ever! So happy! 

These women work SO hard! I'm in awe of them!

Baby William stole my heart!

Children getting ready for a class to start. This is in the mud and stick structure that parents built for their children 20 years ago. Amazing structure, but I am glad they are getting a new school!
Helping with the foundation for a few minutes. Yes, that woman is carrying HEAVY rocks on her head!! These women are my heroes!
Pics were taken by me, Cindy Witte (me with Baby William), Beverly Velasco (first pic of smiling faces), and Bart Mills (lady with rocks on head)

There are no words to adequately express what we experienced on our trip to Kenya. The people of Muungano have captured our hearts and we are forever changed. I have never seen such happiness and joy from people who have so very little. They are rich in love and determination, and they desire to improve and provide their children with an excellent education.

It was exciting to watch them dig the foundation of their new school, and they have continued to work on it every day since we left the village. They are hoping to have it completed by July 27th so we can show off their finished school when we have our Thrive convention! I was thrilled to see first hand how Thriving Nations is helping people become more self reliant - and YOU are the ones who help supply the funds for these projects! Thrive gives 5% of all profits to fund Thriving Nations, and it's easy to keep adding to this fund by "rounding up" to the next dollar on each purchase you make. The little bit that we do makes all the difference for them! So THANK YOU for your support!

I have been on a special committee to help with Thrive's BIG LAUNCH on July 27th of something you are going to LOVE! I can't share any of the details except - it's EVERYTHING you have been hoping for from Thrive! It will help you love dinner time again! It will make dinner a little healthier, quicker and easier! It will help us all have a better experience in the kitchen and bring families back to the dinner table! 

As a special thank you, here is MY BEST PROMO YET - This is the perfect time to become a part of the Thrive Life family and join my team! If you are going to buy the products, you might as well be your own customer and benefit from your own orders. Your friends and family will love you because YOU can be their Thrive consultant! And if you are wanting to earn some extra income, this is an awesome way to do it! I'm offering $100 of FREE FOOD to anyone who signs up as a consultant from now until July 26th. (For your free food - see the the dinner pack suggestions below.) All you have to do to become and stay a consultant is buy a kit (starts at $129), and keep a minimum $50 monthly shipment. This food is healthy, clean, delicious, and you need this food in your home! It's so worth it to sign up! (Oh - and as a bonus, Thrive is offering you a free can each of limeade and lemonade powder when you sign up by July 21st!) 

Read here for more info and to join my team:

The consultant application is very easy to fill out with your contact info, and there is one place you will need to mark "Sole Proprietor". Once you sign up, please email me what you would like for your $100 of free food. You can pick anything you would like, but you might want to try the Southwest Chicken Dinner Pack or the Pulled Pork Creations Pack...those are kits with recipes and amazing meals! It will help you learn how to cook delicious dinners with Thrive!

Please contact me if you need help or have any questions! I am always happy to help!

Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Spring 2017 Walton Feed Group Order is NOW OPEN!

Here is the new price list for the 
SPRING 2017 Walton Feed Group Order!

I'm so happy to start this next order!! I am reminded of how important it is for us to do what we can to be prepared for whatever may come. Just doing a little something can make all the difference! Please help spread the word about this order, and let me know if you would like to head up a group delivery. We can have delivery locations ANYWHERE! (Read below.) All are welcome to join our order! Please forward this to anyone you think might be interested. We have less than 6 weeks before the ordering deadline!

You can order as little or as much as you would like! Walton Feed offers a huge variety of food in #10 cans (about the size of a gallon), #2.5 cans (about the size of a quart), 6 gallon buckets (Super Pails with Mylar liners), and bulk bags and boxes. We get a discount from Walton Feed's retail prices and good truck shipping rates. We will have delivery locations all over the east coast from Florida to New York, and several other areas in the central US and west coast. Anyone can start a group in their area! Groups need a minimum order of 2000 lbs (1 pallet) to qualify for their own delivery. That’s quite easy to do if you spread the word! Let me know if you would like to start a group in your area! We do this order twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall.

ATTACHED (email me for these forms or if you would like to be on my email list)
Or you can join the Walton Feed Group Order Facebook page to download the forms. Once you join, click on Files and you will see the price lists you can download.)

1 - The PDF Price List is printable and for your convenience only. It can easily be emailed and people can print their own copy. It is in a PDF format, so anyone can open it, regardless of what kind of computer they have.

2 - The Excel Price List is the official price list and what you should use to turn in your order. All you have to do is fill out the contact information in the top left corner, then type in your quantities under Person 1 column. Your order total and weight will automatically be added up at the bottom of the page. Save this to your computer, then you can attach it to an email and send it to your group leader!

3- What Should I Store PDF -  I have attached a form that states recommended foods and amounts. The first page shows a year supply of basics for one person. On the second page I broke it down to a one month supply for one person to help it seem more do-able. This is a great page to copy and use as a handout! The third page is more info and comments if you care to read them. : ) 

The deadline for everyone to have their orders turned in to their group leader is May 9, 2017.  Group leaders need to have their orders to me by May 13th.  Delivery will most likely be in June and July , but it will depend on how many trucks we fill and where we are in line once the order is turned in to Walton Feed. We will not have delivery information until the order is figured out and organized, and trucks are routed. I will email information about delivery and post it as soon as I have it. 


There are 3 options for payment:

  • Checks or cashiers checks can be made to Melissa Coombs or your Group Leader. Follow your Group Leader's instructions! Checks cannot be made to Walton Feed. They do not accept personal checks for our large group order.
  • PayPal payments can be sent to Make sure to click "Pay Friends and Family" so I am not charged a fee. PLEASE include your name, phone number and group/stake name in the comments so I know where to credit the payment.
  • Credit card payments can be taken for orders over $200. There will be a 2.5% fee charged. Walton Feed will no longer accept credit card payments for our order. So if you pay by credit card, I will run the card on my card reader, and I cannot personally pay the fee, so I have to add that on. (Please call me with your credit card information. 803-818-1569.) Make sure your group leader knows you are paying me directly with a credit card so he/she can properly account for all payments. I will be bombarded with phone calls and emails near the deadline time, so it will be easiest for me if I take credit card payments about a week after the deadline.
I have set up a blog for this order! Those who have ordered can log on at any time and see updates and delivery information for this order! This will make it so much easier for all involved! I would highly recommend for everyone who orders, to sign up to receive email notifications when I post a new update. Just click the link below and type in  your email address where it says "Follow By Email".

You can also read some of my posts about food storage and being prepared and see some of my favorite recipes at:

There are so many people talking about food storage and really wanting to do an order. Would you please try to email it out to anyone who might be interested, and let people know about it. Feel free to share it with neighbors, friends, family, church groups, homeschool groups, etc. With all that is happening in the world, it's a good time to make sure we have our food storage and supplies in order. Thanks for all you do to help others be prepared. I know that we are blessed as we serve each other!

We currently have orders in SC, NC, GA, VA, TN, FL, MD, TX, NY, and UT. But we can start an order anywhere! Let me know if you would like to head up a delivery in your area. 

These orders are organized by groups in geographical areas (or Stakes). If you need to know who your Group Leader is, please contact me and I will try to get you in touch with the right person. Or just email me your order and payment and I will add you to the nearest delivery location. Also, the spreadsheet is locked to preserve the formulas and you can email me for the password if you are a group leader. That will allow you to copy and paste orders to create a master group spreadsheet. 

If you are a past group leader, please let me know if you plan to head up an order this time or not. If you want to start up an order in your area, email me and let me know and I will help you get started. Thanks for all of your time and service to help others get prepared!

If you have any questions about this order, please email me and I will be happy to help! Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Awesome Sale on Thrive's Emergency Cube!

on Thrive's
Emergency Cube!

One of the big "Club Stores" just advertised this for $3,999.99.

Sale Price is $3139.99
Plus $188.40 shipping, and tax if you had food tax in your area.
(No food tax in SC! 2% in NC)
You must contact me for this price because this is not available online.

You will also earn $314 in free food when you purchase this, plus $350 in product for half price! What an awesome deal!

*1 year supply for 4 people
• 31,500 total servings
• 378 #10 Cans (63 cases total)
• 1,300 calories per day average

• 42 Hard White Wheat (25 year shelf life)
• 36 White Rice (25 year shelf life)
• 16 Pearled Barley (8 year shelf life)
• 16 Quick Oats (25 year shelf life)
• 14 Cornmeal (25 year shelf life)
• 12 Elbow Macaroni (8 year shelf life)
• 12 Egg Noodle Pasta (8 year shelf life) The Country of Origin for all the grains is the USA.

Fruits & Veggies:
• 4 Banana Slices FD (25 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: Ecuador)
• 4 Blueberries FD (25 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: USA/Canada)
• 4 Peach Slices FD (25 year shelf life)
• 4 Raspberries FD (25 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: USA/Chile/Serbia)
• 6 Strawberries FD (25 year shelf life)
• 8 Cauliflower (25 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: Mexico)
• 8 Carrot Dices (8 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: USA/Poland)
• 8 Green Beans FD (25 year shelf life)
• 24 Potato Chunks (25 year shelf life)
• 4 Onions FD (25 year shelf life)
• 8 Sweet Corn FD (25 year shelf life)
If not indicated above, the Country of Origin in the USA.

• 6 Cheese Blend (15 year shelf life)
• 8 Chocolate Drink Mix (5 year shelf life)
• 24 Powdered Milk (25 year shelf life)
The Country of Origin for Dairy products is the USA.

• 12 Black Beans (25 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: USA/Canada)
• 8 Bacon TVP (10 year shelf life)
• 8 Chicken TVP (10 year shelf life)
• 14 Lentils (25 year shelf life)
• 18 Pinto Beans (25 year shelf life) (Country of Origin: USA/Canada)
• 8 Instant Refried Beans (25 year shelf life)
If not indicated otherwise, the Country of Origin is the USA.

Baking Essentials:
• 2 Baking Powder (25 year shelf life)
• 1 Beef Bouillon (5 year shelf life)
• 10 Brown Sugar (10 year shelf life)
• 1 Chicken Bouillon (5 year shelf life)
• 8 Butter Powder (5 year shelf life)
• 4 Iodized Salt
• 6 Shortening Powder (3 year shelf life)
• 10 White Sugar (25 year shelf life)
All Baking Essentials Country of Origin is the USA.

Thrive Cookbook included.
You can also see hundreds of recipes here: RECIPES

Sale starts March 23rd and ends April 17th (while supplies last)
Regular Home Party Price: $3,749.99

Thrive is also having their HUGE semi-annual sale in April!
So stay tuned for that!

This would be a GREAT time to BECOME A CONSULTANT!
Read HERE about the benefits of being a consultant!
Please contact me if you have any questions. There's no pressure or obligation for inquiring! I'm happy to assist you however you need! Melissa : ) 

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant
803-818-1569 (I love texts!) - website where you can order - blog where you can read info

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Taste of Thrive Southwestern Intro Pack! Free Shipping in February!

Thrive Life has introduced a new product that I know you are going to LOVE! It's called the Taste of Thrive Intro Kit!

It comes with 10 Thrive ingredients that you use to make 3 main dishes and 4 sides, all with a southwestern flair. Included are 7 beautiful color recipe cards that teach you how to cook these delicious meals! Just grab a few pantry staples off the shelf and have dinner on the table in about 20 minutes! DELICIOUS! There's FREE shipping for the month of February!

Here's what you get: 
  • Seasoned Chicken Slices
  • Red Bell Peppers
  • Onion Slices
  • Green Chili Peppers
  • Sweet Corn
  • Instant Black Beans
  • Instant Brown Rice
  • Rainbow Farfalle Pasta
  • Veloute (Rich Chicken Gravy)
  • Chef's Choice Seasoning Blend (spice can)
The chicken, peppers, onions, and corn are all freeze dried and you will be amazed at how delicious they taste and how easy they are to use! If you are a black bean lover, these instant black beans will change your life! They cook up in about 10 minutes! No soaking or cooking for hours - and they are just wholesome beans that have been cooked and then dehydrated. Awesome product!

And once you use that Chef's Choice Seasoning, you will want to put it on everything! I had a customer the other day call it "Thrive crack" because it was so addicting and she was terrified to run out of it. Haha! (These are all pantry cans except the spice can.)

Here are the recipes you can make with this kit:
  • Tortilla Soup
  • Chicken Fajitas
  • Chicken Pasta Skillet
  • Zesty Black Beans
  • Green Chili & Sweet Corn Brown Rice
  • Effortless Queso Dip
  • Corn & Cheddar Biscuits
Cost: $100 with FREE shipping in February

BONUS - If you purchase this as your first shipment of a Q (monthly shipments for at least 3 months at $100), I will give you a bonus of $30 of free food of your choice! The Q is a great way to build your pantry and long term storage a little every month. It''s groceries to your door!
Click here to learn more about THE Q

EVEN BETTER BONUS - If you join as a consultant this month, you will get free shipping on your consultant kit, AND get this Intro Pack for $50! Earn free and half off product, plus commission. Start for as little as $129! It's so worth it!
Click here to learn more about BECOMING A CONSULTANT

ORDER HERE or call or email me and I will help you!

Make your life easier and have a better experience in the kitchen by learning to use Thrive! 

I'm happy to assist you however you need! Please contact me if you have any questions.

What is the Q?

Simply put, the Thrive Q is groceries to your door! 
You can watch this short video for an overview: THRIVE Q BENEFITS

Benefits of starting your own monthly “Q” shipment:
  • Build your storage and your pantry on a budget you choose! You can take a little of your grocery money and reallocate it to your Thrive groceries! AND it’s delivered to your door! Skip a trip to the store!
  • If you start your Q at $100 or more for the first 3 months, you get access to the Q-Pon each month (along with the monthly specials) for life, you earn 3% back in free products, receive special promo offers for free shipping, get to shop the big sales a day early, and more! I always choose products that are on sale for my Q. It’s amazing how much you can grow your storage/pantry by doing just a little each month!
  • You always have complete control of what you order and when! You will not get stuck in a never ending “auto ship”! (I hate those!)
  • There is only a 3 month commitment. Just try it out for 3 months and see what you think! After that, you can keep ordering whatever amount you choose (doesn’t have to be $100), skip a month or two, quit, or whatever you want. If nothing else, you end up with delicious, healthy food that has a long shelf life unopened, and you can save it for a rainy day or just open the cans and eat it! : ) Call, email or text, and I will be happy to set up your Q!

Set up your Q HERE or contact me and I will be happy to set it up for you!

SUGGESTION: Choose products from the Q-pon and monthly specials each month to get everything on sale! And if you order products by the case, you save even more! The Dinner Packs are also a great place to start! Check out the Pulled Pork Creations Pack, the Home Cookin' Ground Beef Pack, and the Southwest Chicken Pack. You will be getting a great deal on these products, learning how to cook with them, PLUS you will earn credits toward free product as a Q member! It's so worth it! : )

Here is my website where you can go look at all of the products:

 Please let me know how I can help you! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant