Saturday, September 17, 2016

Don't Let FREE SHIPPING Pass You By!

on new Q shipments in September! 

Just wanted to make sure you knew about Thrive’s special promo this month. For anyone starting a new Q (online monthly shopping), there is FREE SHIPPING for September, and I am offering 5 free Snackies OR $30 of free food! 

This is a great time to get on the Q and start getting more Thrive in your home! It’s a simple way to build your storage and pantry a little at a time, while getting everything on sale, and earning points for free products!

Here is my website where you can go look at all of the products:

And here are the September Specials for you: SEPTEMBER SPECIALS 
(Fuji Apples, Gluten Free Flour, Onion Slices, Mashed Potatoes – only ingredient is potatoes!, Chopped Chicken, Carrots, etc.)

Have you seen the new Snackies? Here’s the link for those: SNACKIES

Benefits of starting your own monthly “Q” shipment:
  • Build your storage and your pantry on a budget you choose! You can take a little of your grocery money and reallocate it to your Thrive groceries! AND it’s delivered to your door! Skip a trip to the store!
  • If you start your Q at $100 or more for the first 3 months, you get access to the Q-Pon each month (along with the monthly specials) for life, AND you earn 3% back in free products. I always choose products that are on sale for my Q. It’s amazing how much you can grow your storage/pantry by doing just a little each month!
  • You always have complete control of what you order and when! You will not get stuck in a never ending “auto ship”! (I hate those!)
  • There is only a 3 month commitment. Just try it out for 3 months and see what you think! After that, you can keep ordering whatever amount you choose (doesn’t have to be $100), skip a month or two, quit, or whatever you want. If nothing else, you end up with delicious, healthy food that has a long shelf life unopened, and you can save it for a rainy day or just open the cans and eat it! : ) Call, email or text, and I will be happy to set up your Q!

You can watch this short video for an overview: THRIVE Q BENEFITS

Set up your Q HERE or contact me and I will be happy to set it up for you!

You can pick whatever you want for each shipment, but here are some suggestions for the next few months to get you started:

September: 1 case (six #10 cans) of Fuji Apples - $119.59 (FREE SHIPPING!)

These amazing apples are on sale for September and you get an even greater discount when you order by the case! And you pay NO SHIPPING this month! :)

October: I can't wait to see what will be on sale...but maybe you could order a vegetable or fruit pack. These are fabulous deals on these products! (All #10 cans)
Plus $30 of sale items to get your shipment to $100. 

November: This is the month of Thrive's HUGE Black Friday Sale! You will definitely want to get in on this sale! Sometimes there are special privileges and perks for Q customers! 

OR maybe you want to start working on the ingredients for your favorite Meals in a Jar! I can help you with some more good recipes! 

Of course, you can just place regular orders, but getting on the Q (or becoming a consultant!) are the best ways to get the products at the best prices and earn benefits.

Please contact me if you have any questions! I’m happy to help answer questions and will not pressure you in any way. This is what I love, and I would be happy to help you however you need! Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Thrive's August Specials! Great Deals!

The Mangoes are my favorite and they are on SALE this month!
June Specials
Fudge Brownie Mix

See All Specials

We also have a Freeze Dried GROUND BEEF group buy going on. You can buy one can or several, or even get up a group order of eleven #10 cans, and you'll get the 12th one for free! Click here or contact me to find out more.


Thrive Life has the BEST freeze dried food available! Let me know if I can help you in any way or if you have any questions!

Melissa Coombs

Thrive Life Independent Consultant

Ground Beef Group Buy!!

This is a fabulous deal on Freeze Dried Ground Beef! Let me know if you want one (or several). If you are not close to one of my delivery areas listed or you would like to do a group order, contact me and we can set one up for you (you just need to sell 11 cans and you get one for free!) Melissa : ) 803-818-1569,
You can read about the Ground Beef HERE and see the label and ingredients. (Towards the bottom of the page click "About this Product".) It is seasoned Ground Beef, so it does have salt and spices added. It's delicious and so easy to use! 
The last day I can accept payment and orders is the 31st, but the 30th would be better. Paypal preferred, but I will accept credit cards and checks if needed. Contact me for any questions. Thanks! Melissa : ) 803-818-1569 (call or text),
See other Monthly Specials - Click HERE

Thursday, July 21, 2016

July Specials! Make Delicious and Quick Chicken Salad!

Pack the Perfect Picnic in Minutes
June Specials
July Picnic Pack
Make Chicken Salad for Less
Passionfruit Yogurt Bites

Shop All July Specials
Q-pon is available to Q Club members only
Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Consultant

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Monthly Specials Make Me Happy!

We LOVE getting deals!
Check out Thrive's Monthly Specials!

Remember, this food is not only great for long term storage, but perfect for using in your every day cooking! It's also non-GMO, has no artificial colorings or flavors, and is amazingly DELICIOUS! 
Lots of Gluten free options too!

April's Q Pon and Specials

(still a few days left)
Freeze Dried Broccoli, Corn, Peas, Ground Beef, Pomegranate Yogurt Bites, and more!

May's Q Pon and Specials 

(starts May 1st)
Freeze Dried Vanilla Yogurt Bites, Raspberries. Blueberries, Scrambeled Egg Mix, Beef Dices, Mushrooms, Onions and more!


The Q-Pon is only available to Q Customers, but you can order the other monthly specials online. If you want to become a Q cusotmer, please email me. There is no fee to join, and there are nice perks, including earning 3% back from your purchases that can be used for free product!


Check out Chef Todd's short video making Cheese Steak Pasta - Click picture
There are tons of other amazing recipes HERE! 

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you in any way!

Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant