Monday, July 14, 2014

Earn FREE Food Storage and Emergency Products!

Only a Few Days Left!
Get $40.00 off any of the Consultant Kits in July!
There is Consultant Starter Kit for $199, and the Value Kit for $289. (I will give a rebate of $40 for either kit!) The Value kit is my FAVORITE! It has over $422 of food in it, plus a THRIVE cookbook, an apron, the THRIVE Guide, plus lots more. It's a great value just for the food and it's a great way to try several of the favorite THRIVE foods.

Even if you have no interest in a thriving (pun intended) home business, you will want the benefits of being a consultant. There are NO monthly party or sales quotas. What keeps you active is being on the Q (the monthly shipment program) for at least $50 in product each month. (There is only a 3 month commitment on the Q after you purchase a consultant kit.)

So if you are already on the Q each month (and many of you are!)...all that is left to do is purchase a kit! As a consultant you will receive commission and free product off your OWN purchases, as well as any other orders that come to you! The FREE and half off products alone are SUCH an incentive to become a consultant. 
One other huge perk is that you will have the ability to give the lowest pricing to your friends and family when they want to purchase Thrive products.  This is really, really big......You literally have NOTHING to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. 
There are no hidden gimmicks or catches -- If you are interested in building your "home store" and getting some of it free and at half price, there is simply no reason NOT to do this! :)  Contact me today to get started! (803-818-1569 or

CLASSES - I am also willing to come do a class for you and a few friends so you can try this food and learn to cook with it! AND you will earn free and half off product! (If you are within 5-6 hrs or so of Charlotte, NC, I will gladly travel to you to do a class!) Just call me and schedule a class if you are interested! I promise to make it fun and informative, and we will sample lots of delicious food!

Click here for: July Specials!

Here are a few things that I think are a good price, and you might want to buy a few cans to stock up your pantry or food storage shelves! Easy to use all of these in your every day cooking! Save time AND money! (If you are local to me in York SC, you can join my monthly group order and save on shipping!)

Sweet Corn (FD) Absolutely yummy! I put them in taco soup, chicken and dumplings, potato corn chowder, etc. Non GMO!
#10 Can - $13.99
PC - $6.29

Asparagus (FD) I love to put these in my veggie omelets!
#10 Can - 23.19
PC - 10.59

Green Peas (FD) Great fresh flavor! You can even make baby food out of this!
#10 Can - 16.79
PC - $7.39

Passionfruit Yogurt Bites (FD) Tangy and sweet! Great as a snack for kids!
#10 Can - $31.79
PC - $12.19

Seasoned Chicken Slices (FD) I just made Chicken Alfredo with these tonight in a few minutes! Yum!
#10 Can - $45.19
PC - $18.59

Honey Crystals Looks a little like brown sugar. So many uses!
#10 Can - $15.89
PC - $6.39

Quick Oats One of my favorite basics! Great price!
#10 Can - $5.89
PC - $3.59

Instant Red Beans These beans have been cooked and then dehydrated. You can throw them in any soup or chili and they are done in about 10 minutes!
#10 Can - $11.69
PC - $5.39

Instant Pinto Beans I love these instant beans! I put them in my taco soup! Ready in 10 minutes! No more soaking beans overnight and cooking them for hours!
#10 Can - $11.19
PC - $5.19


Recipe Website for Using Food Storage!

Please contact me and I will be happy to help you get the best prices and answer any questions you have.

If you are local to me (York, SC), you are welcome to join my group order to save on shipping costs. I place an order each month that is delivered to my home.

Melissa Coombs
THRIVE Life Independent Consultant
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