Wednesday, July 12, 2017

My Africa Trip Recap! And $100 of Free Food Promo!

  Cutest children ever! So happy! 

These women work SO hard! I'm in awe of them!

Baby William stole my heart!

Children getting ready for a class to start. This is in the mud and stick structure that parents built for their children 20 years ago. Amazing structure, but I am glad they are getting a new school!
Helping with the foundation for a few minutes. Yes, that woman is carrying HEAVY rocks on her head!! These women are my heroes!
Pics were taken by me, Cindy Witte (me with Baby William), Beverly Velasco (first pic of smiling faces), and Bart Mills (lady with rocks on head)

There are no words to adequately express what we experienced on our trip to Kenya. The people of Muungano have captured our hearts and we are forever changed. I have never seen such happiness and joy from people who have so very little. They are rich in love and determination, and they desire to improve and provide their children with an excellent education.

It was exciting to watch them dig the foundation of their new school, and they have continued to work on it every day since we left the village. They are hoping to have it completed by July 27th so we can show off their finished school when we have our Thrive convention! I was thrilled to see first hand how Thriving Nations is helping people become more self reliant - and YOU are the ones who help supply the funds for these projects! Thrive gives 5% of all profits to fund Thriving Nations, and it's easy to keep adding to this fund by "rounding up" to the next dollar on each purchase you make. The little bit that we do makes all the difference for them! So THANK YOU for your support!

I have been on a special committee to help with Thrive's BIG LAUNCH on July 27th of something you are going to LOVE! I can't share any of the details except - it's EVERYTHING you have been hoping for from Thrive! It will help you love dinner time again! It will make dinner a little healthier, quicker and easier! It will help us all have a better experience in the kitchen and bring families back to the dinner table! 

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Have a wonderful week! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs