Thursday, May 14, 2015

Freeze Dried Ground Beef is on Sale!


Have you tried it yet? It's awesome! It's so quick and easy to use! 

We use it for tacos and burritos, shepherd's pie, stroganoff, enchiladas, taco soup, and ANYTHING you would normally use hamburger in! 

*25 year unopened shelf life
*Approx 1 year opened shelf life

And it's ON SALE this month for Q Customers!
The Q is Thrive's monthly shipment program. You should join! 
You set your own budget, pick the products you want 
(I always choose sale items!), and you set the date you want your order to process each month. 
  • Get special discounts every month
  • Earn points for free product with every dollar you spend
  • Build your "home store" on a comfortable budget
  • Get healthy foods delivered to your door that you can use in your every day cooking! 
  • Fabulous way to get your family more prepared!

Please contact me and I will help you get set up on your monthly Q shipment! There is only a 3 month commitment at the budget you choose, then you can decide to raise or lower your budget after that (or pause your Q when you want.) It's so worth it! 

May Special on FD Ground Beef
$43.79 #10 can
$249.59 Case of 6 #10 cans

$16.99 Pantry Can
$164.89 10 Pack of Pantry Cans

Even Better Price:
$419.99 12 Pack of #10 cans ($35 a can!!)

Please call, email or text, and I will be so happy to help you! 

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant

Shipping Costs
    6% of order subtotal