Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Thrive's New Consultant Kits - Starting at $129

Have you thought about becoming a consultant with Thrive? It’s so worth it, even if you are just wanting to benefit from your own orders! We all need to be working on our food storage and preparedness, and this is the perfect way to do it!

There are no party quotas to meet, or sales you have to process. All you have to do to become a consultant is:
  • Buy a consultant kit (they start at $129 and are a great savings on the products!) 
  •  Have a minimum $50 Q process every month. (That’s Thrive’s monthly shipment program – and you get to choose the products you want each month and the date it processes. They have fabulous food and emergency supplies! I always choose from the items on sale!)
It’s a great way to build your food storage and get preparedness items gradually and on sale, and learn to use your food storage in your everyday cooking! 

You will earn commission, and free and half off products from your own orders! AND if you do decide to share it with others, you will earn LOTS of commission and free and half off products! It’s so much FUN! It’s easy to be a consultant, and Thrive sells itself. The food is the best quality available and it’s delicious! You really have nothing to lose!

Here is a link to see what comes in the Consultant Kits: 

Here’s a link that shows some benefits of being a consultant:  

Here is the link to sign up if you are ready:

I am also happy to sign you up. Please contact me and I will take care of that for you.

Let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help however I can! Melissa : )

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Silver Executive Consultant