Wednesday, January 15, 2014

SPECIALS: Awesome Sawyer Filtration System and Water Storage Kit

Here are 2 great deals on fabulous water storage and water filtration products from Thrive Life!

New Product that came out in December!

The Sawyer Mini Water Filtration System

The BEST filtration system! Filters 100,000 gallons! See video!
$22.99 Single 
$89.99 4-Pack
 Click HERE to read about and buy the single pack, and HERE to buy the 4-Pack.

You have to see this video about this product! It's AMAZING!!!!

55 Gallon Water Kit

Special Promo: $89.99 (Ends Monday January 20 at 5pm MST)
plus tax and $10.99 shipping
(You must contact me for this "unadvertised special" price. It is not available on the website)

It comes with:
  • 1 55 gallon drum (Food Grade/BPA Free)
  • 1 Water Pump with Adapter (Adjustable from 14.9" long to 37.4" long, 1" wide)
  • 2 Advanced Filters (attaches to pump, filters up to 100 gallons each)
  • 1 Bung Wrench Tool
Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help you however I can with food storage or preparedness!
Melissa : )

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