Monday, March 17, 2014

THRIVE Food Storage Sale is ON! Biggest Sale of the Year!

March Madness Sale!

Biggest Sale of the Year on THRIVE FOOD STORAGE!

The Sale has begun! Place your orders as soon as you can, because this is a "While Supplies Last" last sale! This is their first ever March Madness Sale, and they are making it the best deal of the year on their food items!
You'll get 5%-50% off ALL THRIVE foods from March 18-25 when you shop my website. Cases (6 #10 cans) and 10 Packs of Pantry Cans will ALL be on sale! Individual cans will also be on sale, but not quite the discount as the cases and 10 packs! It's a great time to buy cases or find a friend to split a case with you! 

A few Items that I think are an especially good deal:

Sweet Corn (FD) - Definitely worth getting! Sweet and delicious! I can eat this like candy right out of the can! It's also NON GMO!

Pineapple (FD) - Many claim this as their favorite freeze dried fruit! Gotta try it!

Raspberries (FD) - Almost as good as freshly picked! YUM!

Sliced Peaches (FD) - One of my favorites to snack on right out of the can! 

Green Beans (FD) - You'll love how it tastes like it's just been picked from the garden!

Zucchini (FD) - Works great in a stir fry!

Cornmeal - This is the product most discounted for the sale! Fabulous price!

9 Grain Cracked Cereal - Wholesome and hearty! Makes a nice breakfast cereal, or grind for flour and use in your baking.

Beef Dices (FD) - These are large stew pieces. Makes amazing beef stew!

Ground Beef (FD) - Delicious and so easy to use! Makes awesome tacos, soup, casseroles, sloppy joes, etc.

Ham Dices (FD) - This is an expensive item, so it's nice to see it on sale! So tasty too!

Instant Pinto Beans - Is it possible to be in love with beans? I think I am! Simmer 10-15 minutes, and they are done! No more soaking overnight and cooking for hours!

Instant Red Beans - Delicious and so quick and easy to make! Instant beans are my new favorite food storage item!

Taco TVP - This is a soy product. Don't freak out, you've eaten "bacos" before on your salads and baked potatoes...that's TVP too! This is one of my favorite TVPs. I like to mix it with a little hamburger. It's very inexpensive and a great meat extender.

There's even more....

You can click here to see the sale pricing and fill your shopping cart now! This is "while supplies last", so get your order in early during the sale. The sale starts on the 18th and is over on the 25th at midnight. Spend some of your tax return money to buy yummy food storage and a little peace of mind! 

If you need any help with your order, please contact me!

If you would like to earn FREE and half off product by hosting an "online party", just share my email and gather a group order of any size. Let me know so I can set you up as a host and help you earn some free product! It's easy and so fun to get free food storage! Contact me if you have any questions or want to learn more!

Happy Shopping!

Melissa Coombs
THRIVE Life Independent Consultant

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