Tuesday, September 29, 2015

I can actually drink this powdered milk! 2 DAYS LEFT ON SALE!

I have to be honest, I personally like store bought milk the most, but this is the best powdered milk I have tasted from any company out there in the past 22 years since I have been using food storage!

It mixes up easily with no clumps! And it has passed every taste test that I have done at my classes. Milk lovers have told me they think it tastes very close to store bought skim milk. Don't believe any company that tells you that their powdered milk tastes just like store bought milk...NO powdered milk tatses just like store bought milk. But Thrive's Instant Powdered milk is as close as I have found!

And it's on SALE! (FOR THE NEXT 2 DAYS!)
Great to have some on hand in your storage!

*Non GMO
*Certified Gluten Free
*No artificial flavors or colors
*25 year shelf life

#10 can - $21.59
Case of 6 #10 cans - $122.99
Pantry can - $8.39
Pantry can 10 Pack - $81.39
Bucket (28 lbs) - $143.59
(This is a 6 gallon bucket with a mylar liner and gamma lid!)


Each #10 can makes about 3.5 - 4.5 gallons of milk, depending on how thick you like to mix it.

Great for drinking, cooking and baking. I use it when making my yummy pancakeseasy homemade biscuits and cinnamon rolls

Shipping is based off order subtotal and is listed below.

Sweet Corn - Freeze Dried
Sweet Corn (freeze dried) is also on sale for the next 2 days! This is the most discounted item from Thrive for September. We LOVE this corn and use it in our Taco Soup and other Meals in a Jar! Great Prices!

#10 can - $14.69
Case of 6 #10 cans - $83.69
Pantry Can - $6.59
Pantry Can 10 pack - 63.99


2 days left to get the sale prices! 

Sale ends on 9/30/15 at midnight Mountain Time.

You can also become a Thrive Life consultant and earn lots of free and half off food! Read more about that here: BECOME A CONSULTANT! YOU'LL LOVE IT!

Please let me know if you have any questions! I am happy to help however you need!

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant 
Silver Executive

Shipping Rates based off subtotal of order:
Subtotal   Shipping
$0-$80.00    $7.99
$80.01-$140.00    $10.99
$140.01-$200.00    $14.99
$200.01-$400.00    $20.99
$400.01+    6% of order subtotal

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