Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Amazing Sale on Thrive Freeze Dried Food!

Get ready for our biggest sale of the year! It’s the March Madness Sale!

It's even bigger than the Black Friday Sale! 

Take advantage of the huge savings and stock up on your favorite THRIVE foods.

Every Thrive item will be on sale...with some up to 50% off. Here are some of my favorites that are deeply discounted:

(All prices listed here are for #10 cans. Smaller pantry cans also available and on sale.
Save more when you order by the case! See the Shop Now button for all products on sale.)
Granny Smith Apples $11.49 (Reg 22.99)
Blueberries $30.79 (Reg. 39.59)
Pears $33.59 (Reg. 50.39)
Raspberries $20.99 (Reg. 31.49)
Whole Strawberries $19.69 (Reg. 31.19)
Sliced Strawberries $17.69 (Reg. 26.59)

Celery $21.39 (Reg. 27.49)
Mushrooms $20.29 (Reg. 28.09)
Chopped Onions $13.99 (Reg. 17.99)
Green Bell Peppers $22.09 (Reg. 29.09)
Cheddar Cheese $38.29 (Reg. 49.29)
Monterey Jack $40.29 (Reg. 51.79)
Mozzarella Cheese $38.09 (Reg. 48.99)
Parmesan $35.09 (Reg. 52.69)
Instant Milk $20.29 (Reg. 24.29)

Beef Dices $45.09 (Reg. 65.89)
Seasoned Chicken Slices $49.49 (Reg 58.79)
Scrambled Eggs $59.49 (Reg. 76.49)
Sausage Crumbles $44.09 (Reg. 56.69)

Tip: Order by the case and save an additional 5%
(Sale prices will not be reflected in your shopping cart until sale begins at 7:00 am MST on 3/17.)

FREE FOOD: If you would like to earn free and half off product by hosting an online party or group order, please let me know! It’s easy! Just share my email with your friends and family. Email me for more info.

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Check out the Sales Flyer! 

How can you use Thrive to make your life easier? 
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Let me know if you have any questions. I'd be happy to help you! 

Are you looking for info on my Walton Feed Group order? Email me and I will send you the order form. Deadline is March 24th. 

Melissa Coombs
Thrive Life Independent Consultant

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