Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Sprouting Kits, Garden Seeds, New Guide Book, Bakery Line, and More!

Lots of Exciting New Stuff From THRIVE!

1. The LOWEST PRICE EVER on the most popular shelving unit! 

The Harvest 72" #10 Rotation Shelf is on sale for $224.99! (Plus tax and $20.99 shipping)

It holds 112 #10 cans! 
Height 72"
Depth 24.5"
Width 36.5"
Includes 58 food label magnets
This is a huge improvement on how most of us store our food storage cans!! We put them in closets and under beds in boxes, and then we have no idea what we have, and we'd rather go buy more or do without than go through the monumentous task of digging out those boxes!! This rotation shelf will help you have quick and easy access to your food! 
This sale ends 5/31/14 or as soon as supplies run out. To get this sale price, please contact me. This price will not be available online.

2. The Thrive Guide! Thrive just came out with a fantastic User Guide called THRIVE Guide which gives great tips and teaches you how to use, rehydrate, and incorporate EVERY product into your daily meals! It is only $7.49 (67% off) until the end of May so be sure to put it in your Q or cart this month! If you are local to York, SC, you can get them from me with no shipping while my supplies last! A must have for anyone wanting to learn to properly cook with freeze dried or dehydrated foods! 
3. Bakery Line Check out the new Bakery Line I've tasted it all and it is soooo delicious and easy to make! These quick mixes are formulated in-house (by Chef Todd!) with unbleached flour, no artificial colors or flavors, hydrogenated oils, or GMO products. My daughter who is away at college made homemade whole wheat bread yesterday! YUM!!! When you click the link, you will also see lots of fabulous recipes!
4. Taste of Thrive The new TASTE OF THRIVE is now available! It is a fabulous way to sample Thrive's most popular foods! And you will also receive the Thrive Guide mentioned above, and recipes to get you going! You get three $100 monthly shipments! Or you could choose the Chef's Selection for three $200 shipments. You will LOVE this!
5. SPROUTING KITS and GARDEN SEEDS Thrive just launched Sprouting Kits and Garden Seed Packs. These are NON HYBRID, NON GMO seeds! They have a Melon seed Pack and a Garden Vegetable Seed Pack. And the Sprouting kit has fabulous sprouting mixes!!

6. GLUTEN FREE  Looking for delicious GLUTEN FREE products? Thrive offers over 100 Certified Gluten Free Products!
7. WHY THRIVE? THRIVE has a new, easy to navigate website! Click here to learn WHY THRIVE? It will explain how it's healthier, cost efficient, versatile, long lasting, tasty, etc. 
8. WANT A TASTE?  I love to teach Thrive cooking classes or Tasters Demos! I will travel! The classes are fun and informative, and you will earn free and half priced food! Contact me today to schedule yours! Your family and friends will thank you! :) Have you tried that freeze dried pineapple yet?
Please feel free to contact me with any questions! I am so happy to help you with your food storage needs!
Melissa : )
Melissa Coombs
THRIVE Life Independent Consultant

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