Monday, November 24, 2014

Fabulous Sale on Freeze Dried Meat! Available to order NOW!

No need to wait for Black Friday 
to get a FABULOUS deal! 

Here are 3 Freeze Dried Meat Packs 
that are available now! 
These are unadvertised specials and an 
INCREDIBLE price on Freeze Dried Meat!

(These are all #10 cans!)

Have you ever tried Freeze Dried Meats? They are really delicious and can be used just like their "fresh" equivalents! 
I use the FD Hamburger all the time! Makes quick and easy taco meat, shepherds pie, casseroles, taco soup, stroganoff, sloppy joes, etc. 
And the FD Sausage is a family favorite! Fabulous in scrambled eggs, fritatas, biscuits and sausage gravy, pasta dishes, pizza, and lots more!

Retail $383.96   Party Price: $342.99 
Special Price: $199.99 
That’s about $33.33 a can!! Great price for freeze dried meats!!!

And if you order 2 cases (maybe go in with a friend), I will set you up as a “catalog party”, and you will earn $40 in FREE product, plus $100 of product at half off!! That’s an amazing DEAL!!

Not sure how long these will stay in the system. Order while it’s available!

Retail $369.94   Party Price: $332.94 
Special Price: $181.99
That’s about $30.33 a can!!

Retail $706.78   Party Price: $635.98 
Special Price: $419.99 
That’s about $35.00 a can!! 

If you place any order over $400, I will make sure to set you up as a "catalog party" so you can earn 10% back in FREE product, plus earn some half off product too!

Shipping Rates are based off Order Subtotals
    6% of order subtotal

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