Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Want Some FREE Food Storage?

Are you interested in earning some FREE Thrive food storage products during their Black Friday sale?

This is their biggest sale of the year, and many people are interested in stocking up on food storage at a great price! Food storage and emergency supplies make fabulous Christmas gifts too! And you could earn some FREE and discounted products by letting people know about the sale!

It's easy! Here's how this works: 
1. Let me know that you are interested and I will set you up as a "Catalog Party" so you can earn free and half off products. 

2. I will email you the Black Friday sales information this Wednesday the 19th, and you can forward it to your friends and family. (The sale runs from Friday Nov 28th - Monday December 1st.)

3. Your family and friends can place an order directly online during the sale (the website will be provided in the email), or you can take up a group order and place the order yourself online, or get me to do it for you. If people ordered directly online during the sale, let me know who they are (or tell them to send me an email letting me know they ordered under you), and I will give you credit for their orders.

4. You will receive 10% of the party total in FREE product, and get half off product according to the chart HERE. (So if your party totaled $400 in sales, you would get $40 of FREE product, and $100 of half off product. If your party orders totaled $2000, you would get $200 of FREE product, and $300 of product at half off. It's worth trying! Last year I had several people very happy when they were ordering $200 - $300 of free food and emergency supplies! Plus hundreds at half off! It's Christmas for yourself! : )

5. After the sale, I will inform you of your total sales and how much you will receive free and half off. You will have up to 90 days to place your Host Benefit order. Retail prices are used for the Host Benefit Orders, so you can order any time during those 90 days.

Here are some questions I am often asked:  
1. Are the orders shipped to my house?
If people place orders for themselves online during the sale, they will put in their own shipping address, and their order will be shipped directly to them! That makes it so easy for you! If you gather a group order, it will be entered as one large order and will be shipped to your home (or wherever you specify.) You can even do both! Maybe some people will want to place their orders on their own, and maybe some just want a few items and can join the group order you are placing. And maybe your family members in another state are wanting to order too. All of these scenarios  work, and you will get credit for their orders.

2. What are the shipping rates?
Shipping rates are determined by the order total. That's why it's nice to do a group order for those only wanting a few items. It will save them a little on the shipping when you order together.

    6% of order subtotal

If you know someone in Japan or serving elsewhere with an APO or FPO address, they will get these same great shipping rates, but I will have to send in those orders manually to the company. Awesome shipping rate for those serving in the military overseas!

You can also become a consultant and earn the host benefits mentioned above PLUS earn commission too! 

Let me know if you are interested or have questions. I am so happy to help however I can! Thanks! 
Melissa : ) 803-818-1569
Melissa Coombs
Independent Thrive Life Consultant

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